So many Jessica

There are three Eric in my organization:

– Eric Chang, the managing director
– Eric Feng, the program management lead
– Eric Zheng, it’s me.

One said people who names "Eric" is tend to ruling.

Also lots of "Jessica" around me:

– Jessica Zhang, the girl working with Angle Lin (Xiao Ma)
– Jessica Jin, the executive assistant here
– Jessica Wang, the girl in Pepsi’s marketing group
Jessie Wang, senior in PwC, Claire Hu‘s dorm mate’s school mate
Jessie Chen, sales in Microsoft China


Prior to "Eric", I had other two Latin first names: "Zeaing" and "Jules".

I invent the word "Zeaing". It sounds very close to "Zi Ying", my given name in Chinese. Nobody else uses "zeaing" all over the world. Searching "zeaing" in Google, every result is about me.

"Jules" is a French name. Well-known Jules includes Jules Cesar and Jules Verne. My French teacher in junior school gave me this name.

The name on my passport is Zheng Ziying. The same will be on my tomb stone.

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