The World Isn’t Flat Enough

Obama announced his presidential candidacy yesterday.

The lady, whose name is Lv-Qiu Lu Wei, where Lv-Qiu is her last name, must be writing something about this in her column on The Bund. She was born in Shanghai, graduated from the Fudan University, moved to Hong Kong for a job of journalist/reporter, later moved to the states and now studying in the Harvard University. Apart from the most recent studentship in the states, her profile looks interestingly familiar to me: girl, born in Shanghai, Fudan University, job in Hong Kong.

Be honest, I have totally no feeling with her articles, though some other ones may say her column is informative. She writes once every week, mainly regarding the political stuffs happening in the states. Say for example, last fall, she wrote a couple articles about the election. I happened to read a lot things about the election on USA Today in those days when I was in Redmond and then saw her articles on the same topic right after coming back to Shanghai. But by reading those pieces of work, I didn’t get any fresh idea or see any inclination of her.

My guess was that she must be intensively reading the mainstream newspapers in states every day, such as The New York Times and USA Today, which is not surprising, considering that she is studying in the Harvard University in major of international relationship. However, she should not write her column on a Shanghai newspaper by "repeating" what she has read from the newspapers over there in states, which is my impression though. The tone and the facts in her article sound so much like mashup of the articles on those newspapers.

Doesn’t she have any thoughts and insights of her own?

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