Did Supreme Court Justice Also Say “Don’t Ask For Raise”

Stephen Breyer is one of the Supreme Court Justices. In an interview in 2010, he was asked to give young persons career advice. He said these words:

My father gave me a good advice. He said when you have a job, someone wants you to do something, the thing to do is you do it. You do it as well as you can and you take into account what other people are thinking and what the needs of other people are. He said, now if you do it real well and you pay attention, then maybe someone will notice. If you’re noticed, you might get a better job. But maybe they won’t notice. But you still have done that job well. So there is no lose.

What if Stephen Breyer was invited to speak at the Grace Hopper conference and said the same words when he was asked to give advice? Did Stephen just say the same: (don’t ask for raise, instead,) just do your job well and a better job might come.

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